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This page provides information about the origin of the four main branches in our Family Tree. They are the Doose , Koeppe, Bollinger and Graber families. Other branches through marriage include the Allen, Beavis, Hainsworth, Hyland, McTeague, and Wright families. Be aware that Doose was also spelled Dohse or Dose in past generations.  

  • The Doose family roots are in Germany in Holstein. Today this is part of the State of Schleswig-Holstein. The specific area is in and around the little town of Ahrensboek, near Luebeck. The spelling of the family name changed from Dose to Dohse in the second half of the 1700's. It changed again to Doose in the middle 1800's.

    Our patriarch moved his branch of the family to the town of Kuestrin on the Oder river, approx. 100 km East of Berlin, where he settled with his wife in early 1900. After WW II the family settled in West-Germany in the Ruhr area. Our branch then emigrated to Canada in the late 1950's.

    This Link provides details on Ahrensboek and Holstein. However, it is ONLY in German   Doose

  • The Koeppe family originated in Germany in the Dukedom of Brandenburg, which today is the State of Brandenburg. The first documented location for our ancestors is in the area around the town of Jueterbog, southwest of Berlin. Many descendants are still resident in the area west of it in towns in the eastern part of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. A cousin in Bremen, Germany has traced the early descendants and is very active in broadening the Koeppe family tree. His Internet site can be reached through this link: Ancestors of Klaus Koeppe.

    Koeppe families are spread throughout Germany. However the heaviest concentration is in the States of Sachsen-Anhalt and North-Rhine-Westphalia. Koeppe descendants can also be found in North America and Australia.

    This Link provides details on Zallmsdorf and surroundings. However, it is ONLY in German   Köppe

  • The Bollinger family roots start in the Turbenthal in Canton Zurich, Switzerland. First mention of 'Bollinger' is during the late 1200's. The family can be directly traced to around 1440 and continuously since then. Our branch then moved to the town of Zurich, later to Schaffhausen and finally to Canada.

    Ancestry research started in the early 1970'ties under Hedy Bollinger-Lienhard. She created and published the "Chronik of the Bollinger's of Neubrunn", which is the basis of our early ancestry data. She was supported in her efforts by Dr. Erwin Jaeckle who is a Bollinger on his mothers side. His contacts in the Canton of Zurich and at the Federal level in Bern were instrumental in the ability to go back as far as the 1400's. In 2006 Hedy Bollinger-Lienhard issued her latest research: A contribution to the history of the Bollinger's of Neubrunn and the 4 places called Bollingen (Beitrag zur Forschungsgeschichte der Bollinger von Neubrunn und den 4 Orten Bollingen)

    This Link provides details on Turbenthal and surroundings. However, it is ONLY in German   Bollinger

  • The Graber family also originates in Switzerland in Sigriswil, Canton Bern. With the help of family data and the church book records of Sigriswil it has been traced to the middle 1600's. Earlier data was likely lost in the fire of 1671, which burned down the church.

    Our branch of the family emigrated during the 1800's from Sigriswil to East Prussia to establish many dairies and cheese factories. However, at the end of WW II everything was lost. A number of family members were deported by the Red Army to Siberia (despite being Swiss citizens) where almost all died. Descendants of this line of the Grabers today reside in Germany, Switzerland, France, Brazil and in Canada. Assisting in our family research is a cousin of my wife in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

    This Link provides details on Sigriswil and surroundings. However, it is ONLY in German   Graber

  • Any help or leads in further tracing any of the families will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Klaus Doose at

    Last updated on May 04, 2008

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