The Doose & Bollinger Families in Canada and their ancestors

James Wright [Parents] was born in 1677 in Woburn, MA. He died about 1734. He married Elizabeth Patten in 1702.

Elizabeth Patten was born in 1680. She died in 1734. She married James Wright in 1702.

They had the following children:

  M i James Wright was born in 1703. He died in 1758. [Notes]
  F ii Elizabeth Wright
  M iii Joseph Wright
  M iv Thomas Wright
  F v Mary Wright
  F vi Hannah Wright
  M vii Nathaniel Wright
  F viii Sarah Wright
  F ix Ruth Wright
  F x Rachel Wright was born about 1733. She died .

Myles Nutt was born about 1598. He died on 2 Jul 1671 in Malden, MA.

He had the following children:

  F i Sarah Nutt

Joseph Wright [Parents] was born in 1707. He died in 1787. He married Ruth Sawyer.


Ruth Sawyer was born in 1709. She died in 1787. She married Joseph Wright.

Joseph Kittredge died in . He married Elizabeth Wright about 1724.


Elizabeth Wright [Parents] was born in 1705. She died . She married Joseph Kittredge about 1724.

William Kittredge died in . He married Mary Wright in 1731.


Mary Wright [Parents] "Mercy" was born in 1711. She died . She married William Kittredge in 1731.

Timothy Emerson died . He married Hannah Wright about 1739.


Hannah Wright [Parents] was born in 1713. She died . She married Timothy Emerson about 1739.

Nathaniel Wright [Parents] was born in 1716. He died in 1777. He married Martha Winship in 1744.


Martha Winship died . She married Nathaniel Wright in 1744.

John Holt died . He married Sarah Wright about 1720.


Sarah Wright [Parents] was born about 1720. She died . She married John Holt about 1720.

Seth Wyman died . He married Ruth Wright in 1744.


Ruth Wright [Parents] was born in 1723. She died . She married Seth Wyman in 1744.

Deacon Joseph Wright [Parents] was born in 1641 in Woburn, MA. He died in 1724. He married Elizabeth Hassell in 1661.


Elizabeth Hassell was born in 1643. She died in 1713 in Woburn, MA. She married Deacon Joseph Wright in 1661.


They had the following children:

  F i Elizabeth Wright
  M ii Joseph Wright
  F iii Sarah Wright was born about 1669. She died . [Notes]
  M iv John Wright
  F v Joanna Wright was born in 1675. She died about 1690.
  M vi James Wright
  M vii Timothy Wright
  M viii Stephen Wright
  M ix Jacob Wright
  F x Ruth Wright was born in 1685 in Woburn, MA. She died .
  M xi Benjamin Wright was born in 1688 in Woburn, MA. He died in 1720 in Watertown, MA. [Notes]

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