The Doose & Bollinger Families in Canada and their ancestors


Philip Keazer

They had a child in 1828

Barbara Allen

After her husband John Snow died she married Philip Keazer in 1828 and she had another child in 1828.

She ended up remarrying a third time (a Relyea?) and moved to Masena, NY where she lived out the rest of her life.

Philemon Wright

He served in the Revolutionary War. He moved his family and others to Ottawa to settle in the Hull area.
Philemon Wright is the founder of Hull, Quebec. Wrightville and Philemon Wright High School are named after him.

BIOGRAPHY: From "The Wrigths" a genealogical study of the first settlers in Canada's National Capital Region - page 27:
Philemon was one of two sons of Thomas & Elizabeth (Chandler) Wright. Little is known of his early education, but at the age of 15 he commenced 2 1/4 years of service in the Revolutionary War. On May 16, 1782 he married Abigail Wyman.

In 1796-97-98 & 99 he came to explore Canada with the view of settling. Finally with his growing family he left Woburn in February 1800. With the Wrigths came Philemon's older brother Thomas and his family. In the party were two of Abigail's sisters, Margery Choate and Lavina Allen, with their respective Husbands and families.

They reached the site of the future Hull on March 7, 1800. Bertha Carr-Harris, a Wright descendant, vividly describes the first few years of the new settlement in "The White Chief of the Ottawa".

Philemon, abetted by "strong" sons, established a thriving community and between then built a business empire - P.Wright & Sons. However, as fast as money came in it flowed out; often faster than could be accumulated. Nevertheless, Philemon and his sons acquired vast acreages of land through both grants and purchases.

As the old "Squire" neared his end he took to his bed where he suffered a lengthy illness. He passed away, the Founder of Hull, on the 3rd of June, 1839. His wife, Abigail, predeceased him by then years. Both lie burried in Hull

Abigail Wyman

The record of the Wymans in America started with John and Francis, sons of Francis and Elizabeth (Richardson) Wyman. The brothers, both tanners, emigrated to New England before 1640. A John and a ffrances Wyman are listed as subscribers at Charlestown, in December 1640 to Town Orders for Woburn, MA.

Pg. 289
"Mrs. Wyman lived to be a very old lady. She became known as 'First Lady of the Land'. " Abigail’s husband was Philemon Wright and he was called ‘Founder of the Land’.