The Doose & Bollinger Families in Canada and their ancestors


James Wright

was a soldier at Lake George

Joseph Wright

Joseph was said to have served in the Revolutionary War. Since the war started in 1775 and ended in 1782 he would have been 68 and over.

Joseph Kittredge

of Billerica, MA

William Kittredge

of Billerica, MA

Timothy Emerson

of Haverhill

Nathaniel Wright

lived in Lancaster, MA

John Holt

John Holt and his wife Sarah, about 1748 or earlier, were the owners of what is now known as the Revel Carter homestead on Main Street in North Woburn, near the Wilmington line. In 1749 Holt and his wife conveyed it to James Sawyer, "Leather Dresser". Sawyer became an innholder, and mortgaged the property to Harvard College, by whom it was assigned to Giles Alexander. The latter apparently foreclosed the mortgage, and in 1752 conveyed it to William Tay Jr..

Further information to be seen in an article in "the News" of Woburn, April 1892, on estates in NOrth Woburn, written by the late Cyrus Thompson.

Seth Wyman

of Charlestown, MA

Deacon Joseph Wright

Selectman 1670, 1673, 1692 - Deacon 1698

The brothers John and Joseph Wright, in December 1671, were presented, with six others, to the court sitting at Charlestown, for withdrawing from the communion of the church of Woburn, of which they were all members, and for favouring in other ways the sentiments & practices of the Baptists.

Later Joseph, being conviced that he had been in error, became reconciled to the church of Woburn and accepted the office of Deacon.

Elizabeth Hassell

She taught school in Woburn and in 1673 received 10/- for a year's work

Sarah Wright

born without breast or backbone - "History of Woburn" by Cutter - 1890

Benjamin Wright

He was a weaver in Watertown, MA